What Flipkart’s Big Billion Day Sale is set to offer?

The festive time of the year has arrived, and this is the time of the year which we all wait for, especially shoppers. The countdown to Diwali has begun and e-commerce giants usually come up with sales on their site a few days before the festivities begin. Keeping this year old trend intact, Flipkart has announced the dates for the Big Billion Day sale that is to take place for five days starting from the 20th of September and ending on the 24th of September.

big billion day

The wait for getting the most lucrative and best deals on all your favorite categories of products is over as the sale kicks off in about a weeks’ time. During this mega shopping extravaganza, you will see lots and deals in all categories- Home and Furniture, Fashion, Appliances, Mobiles, Electronics, and Accessories. It is India’s biggest online shopping sale that offers the best deals on a wide range of products. The Big Billion Day sale is expected to be bigger this year as Flipkart is set to complete its 10 years of successful operations and it is their 10th anniversary.

During the sale, Flipkart is set to offer an extra 10 percent instant discount on customers using State Bank of India credit and debit cards. In case you don’t have an SBI card, there is no need to worry as you will be entitled to that extra 10 percent discount using PhonePe wallet during the Flipkart Big Billion Day sale. Flipkart is also offering an all exciting and cost-effective No Cost EMI option to its customers along with crazy deals that see product prices slashed down up to 80- 90 percent.

This years’ Big Billion Day will be powered by the leading telecom giant Reliance Jio and in order to make things really interesting, Flipkart is set to start a new and exciting contest from the 13th of September until the 24th of September. This contest can be taken part in and winners will hold the chance to win an iPhone or a Jio-Fi device. Every day one winner would win an iPhone7 and another winner would get a Jio-Fi device. To take part in the contest one has to be a Jio subscriber.

In addition to providing customers with deals and discounts, Flipkart has planned to make the shopping experience delightful for its customers by offering numerous features such as:

  • Buy Back Guarantee
  • Debit Card EMIs
  • Buy Now, Pay Later No Cost EMIs

10 Best ideas to gift your dad on this father’s day

Cool ideas to gift your dad without shaking your budget

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The dad and child relationship is something that not needs words to explain that is self explainable by all the people. Our dad is someone we look upon every time and no matter how old we have grown up the love of of dad is never fades, If we talk about in India and when is father’s day in India some father shows their love while some don’t as they need to maintain the discipline so that children can see the right path to grow in their life thus summarizing all these points we can say that every person or every child has a relationship with father which is more than any relation as the sacrifice of our parents on various stages clearly give us reason to cherish the memories and to spread the love of relationship.


When father’s day is about to arrived we would like to suggest you some gifts for dad even if you cannot thank your father for the things he has done for you but there are some ways to show that how much you love him and dedicate a day for him which is full of love and inspiration to be alike your father as if we can understand that our dad is the ideal for everyone and thus you can gift the special father special gift without worrying about budget. Let’s start.

A cool T-Shirt :-

Your Dad is the person who has a special place in your life thus making his life a little bit cool is your responsibility also and this responsibility can be sorted out when you can have the cool T-Shirt for your cool dad, The T-Shirt he can wear with his friends whether its about any meeting of his club or the casual party of your family, your Gifted T Shirt will be highlighted of every function make you are using some cool Father’s Day  quotes over it as well.



A Photo-Mug :-

A Photo Mug with the photo or snap of your family and you and your dad will also make every way to shower his more love to you only as your dad will see that loving photograph which is printed on the coffee Mug will make him remember about so many memories here is our suggestion if you has any picture of your childhood than make that picture the photo printed upon as it can value his memories to the time when you were too small. You can add a father’s day cards for showing more emotions.



A Cool racing shoes :-

The Age of your Dad no matter what is that has always inspire to you and this inspiration can create a gift idea to make your father feel surprised on this Father’s day his fitness is all you want and you can gift him the racing shoes so that he can also tell to his jogging and running in the park friend about your gift proudly we would like to mention here go for the best quality racing shoes as their quality and brand will help yourself in surprise. Along with in the gift cover mention father’s day quotes from son.



A Collage for the photos:-

The Photos is not always just a photograph clicked by you it is also the memories of years which is related with so many laughter moments and attached with it the stories of life thus this one needs your creativity you can a hardboard and affix the photos of your family or your father with you and the rest of his family member also add some more colors at the corner of each photograph and quotes to deliver how much you love him and with father’s day images, here we would like to mention to keep some photos of his childhood and parents also we are sure this gift is the dad of all.



A Branded Jeans:-

The Jeans has also been covered by the apparel but if your dad wear jeans or if it would be a new thing also for him do not worry just go for it once you will purchase it will surely wear it and thus the swag of gifted jeans he will have whenever you are going to him will be the perfect for every occasion and parties that are heeling for now or their after.



Lovable Keying :-

Well, the keying is most useful for Dad as it denotes the status as well as choice of the person holing it so we would like to suggest you to leave all the dilemma of perfection and being formal go for a funky key ring with something contain for Dad fathers day greetings Don’t worry the person your Dad are meeting to will never have any adverse effect as they can see your love to him.



A Date with your Mom/Family:-

This one is also perfect for your dad as you can offer or book any date on the father’s day evening with the love of his life your Mum or the whole family can go for the date with your father and make remember Father’s day Date where the favorite restaurant of your Dad will be selected with the menu of favorite dishes. We would like to mention here don’t forget the ice-cream treat that will add sweetness in his day.



A Picnic for the day:-

Yes,this one looks a little bit childish but it would be worthy as the dad usually remains busy with his work so you can plan out a picnic with your family and you can invite the family of your Dad’s best friend along with it and have a great off together from work with the weekend of Father’s day.This is the one of the best father’s day gift ideas from daughter as they love their dad a little more.



A ChessBoard:-

Have you ever surprised how clever the dad is?and this cleverness clearly reflects in chess game so all you need to do is to but the new chess game with it and your dad with you need to play the game with peace and fun of cleverness. Buy Chess Board for Your Dad!



A Wallet:-

This one is not mere important but also very lucky if you will gift it to your father so if you have seen the scratches and the wallet of his existing one become old than there is all new way to please your Dad with a new and classy wallet.



So We are sure that this article has helped you finding the perfect gift to your perfect father if you want to get more discount on these products you should visit to MyTokri.com where is everything you are looking into with maximum savings.

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