How to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi 2017 With online shopping

Lord Ganesha is considered as the symbol of wisdom and good luck. He is regarded as the reliever of obstacles and is the most worshipped Hindu God. This year all of India and especially Maharashtra would be celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi on Friday the 25th of August, but the celebrations are carried out for 10 days. The occasion is celebrated in order to mark the birthday of Lord Ganesha. Any new beginning starts with offering prayers to Lord Ganesha.

Mumbai’s water bodies are an important transit point for trade and are a major source of livelihood for the fishermen and a large part of the economy of Mumbai thrives on it. Ironically a major part of water pollution in Mumbai can be credited to no other than the people of Mumbai itself.  Every year over 1.5 lakh Ganesha idols are immersed as a part of the festivities during their major festival, the Ganesh Chaturthi. This leads to a lot of water pollution as the immersed idols consist of a lot of harmful chemicals and plaster of Paris. The government has shown their concern about the issue and the Mumbai municipality law also asks for the removal of these idols before the chemicals in them start reacting with the water resulting in reduced marine oxygen and in the process causing great harm to marine life.

Ganesh idol makers have been struggling to find a way to solve the issue of not degrading the environment and at the same time not letting the sales of the idols go down. Finally, they have found a way to address the problem. Sprouts Environment Trust is a Mumbai based NGO (Non-Governmental  Organization), and they have come up with Ganesha idols that can be eaten by the fish and in the process would be causing no harm whatsoever to the marine life after the idols have been immersed.  They have come up with a Ganesha statue made up of fish food.  The statues are made up of corn and vegetable powder and are built to the length of up to nine inches. They are colored with natural materials like sandalwood, turmeric, and ochre.  These idols are priced at rupees 900 per piece and take just 4-5 hours to dissolved once immersed in water as compared to traditionally made idols that might take up to  9-12 months to dissolve.

The solution may be a start to something eco-friendly and would to some extent reduce the water pollution that immersion of idols leads to. The big Ganesha idols are still made traditionally and this solution can only work for smaller idols. But, something is better than nothing and this is a start on our part to conserve our water bodies that help us a lot in meeting our day to day need and contribute a great deal to our economy.

Krishna Janmashtami Celebrations all Over the World

Krishna Paksha or the dark fortnight in the Hindu month of Shravan (August-September), Lord Krishna took birth on the 8th day or Ashtami. That auspicious day ever since is known as Janmashtami. The period between 3200 BC and 3100 BC is accepted by Indian and Western scholars as the period in which Lord Krishna lived on earth. It is a special occasion for all Hindu’s as Lord Krishna is considered their protector, leader, hero, teacher, and friend all put into one.

On Monday 14th of August is the day that the Hindu community of India and abroad are set to celebrate Janmashtami with amazing Janmashtami offers,. The pious day is also referred to as SreeJayanti, Srikrishna Jayanti, SaatamAatham, Krishna Janmashtami and Gokulasthami. In India, the major cities in which religious frenzy and fervor regarding the occasion can be seen are Mathura in Uttar Pradesh where Lord Krishna was born and Gokul, 15km South-East of Mathura, where the Lord was brought up. In Mathura, over 400 temples are dedicated to Nandgopal. Mathura’s twin city Vrindavan is lit up in massive celebrations as well. It is celebrated from all over the world Janmashtami special offers.

“Dahi-Handi’ (breaking of a pot full of curd hung in the air by a human pyramid) is the major attraction of the festival in the western state of Maharashtra. In Mumbai alone over 4000 “Dahi-Handi” events are arranged on Janmashtami along with Janmashtami offers 2017. The event symbolizes stealing of butter by a young Lord Krishna. In West Bengal and Odisha, devotees observe the day by fasting till midnight, reciting verses from the Bhagavad Gita, worshipping the Lord. Gujarat, a land believed to beLord Krishna’s kingdom, also celebrates the festival, especially at the Dwarkadish temple.

Not only in India, but the occasion is celebrated widely in abroad as well. Singapore celebrates the festival with much vehemence along with Krishna Janmashtami Deals. “Hare Krishna” chants are taken out at Serangoon Road, a street stretched from Little India to Kallang. Celebrations are also carried out at Shree Lakshmi Narayan Temple at Chander Road in Little India District.

In Canada, the Indian community, especially those residing in Toronto, organizes various cultural programs at the Richmond Hill temple to mark the birth of Lord Krishna. Malaysia, though predominantly a Muslim country also celebrates with Janmashtami deal, Janmashtami is celebrated with much vibrancy, especially at the Lord Krishna temple in Kuala Lumpur.

A national holiday is observed on Janmashtami in Bangladesh. A religious procession is taken out from Dhakeshwari National Temple located in the capital city of Dhaka, which passes through old Dhaka streets where you can find many cheap things at the market for the occasion of Janmashtami coupons. In Nepal, the occasion is celebrated at the famous Krishna temple situated at the Patan Durbar Square where devotees offer flowers and coins to the Lord.

The festivity continues for two days in London. Thousands of people attend the celebrations at Bhaktivedanta Manor, the UK headquarters of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). The country house was donated to the Hare-Krishna movement by George Harrison, lead guitarist, song writer, and singer of The Beatles. You may find many Janmashtami sale and a proper occasion like India elsewhere in the world.